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Wednesday August 24th 2016

Interview With Hollywood Undead

Interview With Hollywood Undead

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Hollywood Undead is a hit rap-rock band from Los Angeles, California, that have been slowly taking the charts. They recently released Swan Songs B-Sides EP. An EP of four previously released tracks. We sat down with J-Dog and Da Kurlzz from Hollywood Undead to get an inside look at the band. They told us about themselves their music, their fans and being on tour.

SM: What was the idea behind forming your group? Why was it such an important concept to incorporate the masks into your music?

JD: Forming the group wasnít really planned out, you know. We were a bunch of friends growing up in bands together and we started writing these kinds of songs and the band just formed on its own. Whoever was in the room at the time and played an instrument was in the band. The masksÖ in the beginning we didnít want people to know what we looked like. You know, when you wear a mask you can get away with whatever you want. Obviously, with the Internet, hiding your identity is impossible to do.
DK: We donít take it as seriously as other bands who have worn and abused masks in the past. We actually take our masks off during our show. Itís not like a big surprise to people that we take them off.

SM: Where do all your names come from? Do they have any special significance?

JD: Well Da Kurlzz had a really tough childhood; he had really curly hair and kids would pick on him
DK: Actually, it was more when we were making the band. I was sitting with J-Dog and I said, ďwhy donít I call myself Da Kurlzz.Ē Whatever. And J-dog, well, it comes from his initials in his name.
JD: Everyone named themselves for different reasons.

SM: You have just recently had the chance to tour with Limp Bizkit. Tell us about that. What was that like?

DK: Technically, we just played some shows with them. We never toured with them.

SM: How was that?

DK: It was really cool, to be honest. We did some of the festivals over in Europe with them and then we did off-day shows in Germany.  You know, we just went into it playing some shows with them. In Europe, I think, people arenít as pretentious and care about music like in the United States or in other places. They just want to see them. They love them. So it was nice meeting those guys and then playing some shows with them.

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