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Saturday April 29th 2017

Interview With Bif Naked

Interview With Bif Naked

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We recently got a chance to sit down with the Canadian Punk Rock Queen, Bif Naked, to talk about her new songs, her inspiration, her process and life. She also dishes out some advice for men to live by.

S: So sitting down with Bif Naked otherwise known as Beth Torbert.

B: Technically. Haha, like 3 names ago.

S: Bif Naked, where did that name come from?

B: Umm, Bif is a nickname I've had since the 8th grade. Mark's cousin just mispronounced my name, which is bad, and called me Bif - and it stuck. Everyone started calling me Bif. When I started first year university and started playing with bands - basically for fun; it wasn't my lifelong passion, I had no desire to go into music or anything, and we needed a punk rock name. Basically we were in a punk situation with a bunch of punk bands; with guys with names like Chi pig or Joey Shithead. Everyone had a name - a punk rock name and I became Bif Naked. It's more provocative and it was less a question mark of whether it was a girl or a guy. You know there weren't as much girls in the industry when I started out.

S: You recently released 2 singles 'Fuck you 2' and 'Sick' can you tell us what those songs are about? What's the message?

B: Well 'Fuck You 2' is a song written by Jason Darr, who is my producer, and my guess is that Jason wrote that song in retaliation to getting heartbroken at some point, which is basically the gist of the lyrics.

S: It wasn't something recent? It was at some point...

B: Well yeah, I don't know. And with Sick we wrote it last year in the studio. It's a bit of a universal concept - the things that make us all sick collectively. Whether it's the seal hunt or the genocide in Darfur or the fight between India and Pakistan or whatever. There are lots of things in the world that just make us all sick.

S: You seem really concerned and proactive like that.

B: Well I am opinionated for sure. Rightly or wrongly and unfortunately I don't have an inner monologue. I have a big mouth and I've always kinda just spouted off.

S: so you've actually worked with some really impressive musicians throughout your career like Billy Idol, Sheryl Crow, Snoop Dogg.  Can you tell us about that? What was it like? What was your favourite band to work with?

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