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Wednesday July 27th 2016

Interview with Saving Abel

Interview with Saving Abel

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We had the chance to meet up with the guys from the hit rock band, Saving Abel, as part of the 2009 Nickelback tour.  After being presented with gold singles for the hit song Addicted, the band sat down with us to tell jokes talk music, news and life.

SM: All right lets get started. Okay, I just heard this today, but I didnít know, what is the deal with Hinder? Is there something going on with that?

SA: Absolutely not.

SM: haha, are you going to fight them?

SA: No really there isnít. Weíre like about to meet with them. Their manager apologized
for all the weirdness.

SM: Is it just an awkward situation?

SA: No not at all, we met these guys in New York; we had a couple of shots with them,
and Iím looking forward to hanging out with them.

SM: Good. I like that. Make peace not war. Now I wanted to ask, is this your first Major tour?

SA:  No, but this is our first time to tour Canada and we're excited to be here as
part of the whole Nickelback crew.

SM: Are they pretty laid back?

SA: Yea of course. We all tell bad jokes

SM: So when you go back home, what do people treat you like, superstars?

SA: We havenít been home for a while actually; we only got 24 days off work last year. But we were glad to be that busy. I mean I think some people think that we're rich and famous; we're not really famous per se, it's not like we can walk in to bar and people would be like 'hey it's Saving Abel'

SM: What is the best perk youíve gotten so far out of all this?

SA: Well, I would say being able to meet a lot of these great bands that inspire us like Shinedown and Puddle of Mudd. You know, and theyíre actually cool - not assholes, which sometimes you can expect from some bands.

SM: So what are some of the bands that you listened to growing up?

SA: Three Doors Down. Those guys actually showed up once. We were playing, and they asked for our CD. Without hesitating, I ran to the bus and got one. I was very classic rock, and when I started playing guitar, it turned into that whole pearl jam movement, you know, and then, the Allman Brothers. And then since weíve been touring, I started listening a lot more to the bands that we tour with. But it started with classic rock. I like rap.

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