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Tuesday February 28th 2017

Interview With Trapt

Interview With Trapt

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We had a chance to sit down and chat with Trapt, the band most known for its hit singles Headstrong and Still Frame. The band has just released their third studio album, Only Through The Pain, headlined by the single Who's Going Home With You Tonight? and is currently on tour as part of Cruefest. We asked them about their music, and we talked all things manly. This is what they had to say:



ShaveMagazine: So why Trapt?


Aaron Montgomery: It was born out of a youthful angst, feeling that the world around was controlling and restricting, and literally trapping us.


Chris brown: When I was young, it come from that, but now it has evolved into how you feel in relationships between you and yourself and with other people. When you get older, you figure out how to work with the world instead of against it.


SM: You guys are from Los Gatos originally?


Trapt: Yea.


SM: So, when you guys go back home, how do people treat you, people that knew you before? Do you get rockstar treatment?


T: No.. Well, they through in the occasional joke 'Ohhh, big rockstar' you know. But they don't really treat you any differently.


SM: Trapt just released it's third studio album.


T: Yea, it came out on August 5th.


SM: How would you compare this album to your previous albums?


T: Three times better. Each time we put out an album it gets one time better then the previous one.


SM: Your biggest hit from previous albums was 'Headstrong'. How do you guys compare the actual music, is there a departure from your original style, or similar to it?


T: It sounds like Trapt. It has a little bit of everything, it's not just hard songs, this one has a bunch of soft songs as well. We definitely expanded the sound a lot.


SM: Have you guys played with Papa roach before?


T: Yea, our first time playing with them was actually in 98, we were in highschool. But since our first label release came out in 2002, the first time we played with them again was in July.


SM: Have you played with Motley Crue before?


T: Nope, this tour is our first time playing with them.


SM: How does that feel?


T: Hmm, well one one level it's a little surreal, and on another level, it's very normal. They're actually pretty cool when you get to see them, Tommy likes to hang out and party after the show.


SM: What would you say are the perks that come with fame?


T: Interviews with Shave Magazine.

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