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Saturday April 29th 2017

Cholesterol Issues

Cholesterol Issues

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There are many issues and complications that contribute to high cholesterol. A person's poor diet in addition to a sedentary lifestyle is a major factor, but even factors such as type of occupation should be taken into account. Compare athletes to fast food workers, for example. Who is more likely to live a healthier lifestyle, a marathon runner or a cashier at Burger King? Most likely, the marathon runner lives a healthier lifestyle.

Depending on the age, high cholesterol within males could have mild or high effects on the body. According to MD Dean Heller, most of the studies either look at children under 20, or people ages 20-75. High cholesterol typically has higher effects on older men, especially if they are obese. "Children have less obesity, but this is a growing problem," said Heller. Heller also feels that an individual's lifestyle is the main factor in the matter.


Obesity is one of the premier causes for high cholesterol. Fellow MD physician Sandeep Grewal insists that weight gain in men usually accelerates after age 35. "I have seen most rapid weight gain between the age group of 35 to 55. Most of my male patients who have been slim or normal weight tend to stay that way after age 55," said Grewal. He and most physicians agree that a sedentary lifestyle after years of struggling to make it to the top and increased stress cause men in this age group to accumulate. Accumulation is commonly the result of overeating and an increased use of comfort food (which mainly consists of carbohydrates and other junk foods). Lack of exercise due to less time available and stress released steroids can also attribute to central obesity.

A person on the larger side is one thing, but having high cholesterol can seriously affect one's health. Such issues can include, higher risk of stroke, various heart problems (involving fat blocking the arteries) and so on. Heller insists that overweight males need to change their ways immediately, before physical repercussions take over. "Lifestyle modifications are the mainstay of treatment of high cholesterol. This includes exercise; we recommend at least 30 min of aerobic exercise 3 times a week. It also includes weight loss and diet."

Problems of High Cholesterol

In relation to the heart problems obesity can cause, Grewal provides a deeper insight into the matter. Grewal relates a person's arteries to pipes in a house." In these arteries the blood flows. Along with the blood the cholesterol flows in it. Cholesterol is like the grease in our pipes at home. Slowly this grease accumulates in the arteries and blocking them partially or fully. When this blockage happens in the arteries supplying the heart, a heart attack happens," said Grewal.

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