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Saturday April 29th 2017

Understanding Skin and Skin Care

Understanding Skin and Skin Care

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The body's largest organ, our skin, shields us from harmful elements but getting into the routine of properly taking care of your skin doesn't seem to be as valued by many men. Yet, doing so will help keep you looking healthy, youthful and will prevent many skin diseases including skin cancer. Skin care, however, is about more than just your face; many of us seem to forget about the larger proportion of our skin located below the neck. Having healthy skin on your body is just as important.

Our skin has three main functions: to protect our body by preventing the invasion of bacteria and other foreign bodies, to sense different types of stimulation including touch, pressure, heat, pain and cold and finally, to regulate our body temperature.

Taking care of your skin begins with understanding what type of skin you have. Generally speaking, there are four different skin types:

Skin Type 1 - Dry Skin:

Men who have dry skin will often notice blotchy patches of flaky skin on their face and body. The easiest way to tell whether your skin is dry is if it often feels tight after you wash it. If you do have dry skin, avoid using products that have a high level of alcohol as these will dry out your skin more. Try using cleansing milk or mild soaps as these will remove a smaller proportion of the natural oils your skin produces. The key to conquering dry skin is to moisturize!

Skin Type 2 - Oily Skin:

Some men tend to have an oily skin complexion, meaning their body has the tendency to produce larger amounts of natural oils and may also be more prone to blackheads. You can distinguish an oily skin type by touching your skin about thirty minutes after it is washed. If you notice an oily residue on your fingers, your skin has an oily complexion. This is not unhealthy nor is it something to worry about; unfortunately, however, some people with oily skin attempt to remedy the issue by completely stripping off the oils on their skin, which is harmful. You do not need to strip your skin of its natural oils if you have an oily skin type. Instead, moisturize less frequently and apply a toner after your skin has been cleansed.

Skin Type 3 - Combination Skin:

This is the most common skin type amongst men. On the face, a combination complexion means that your cheeks and forehead may be dry while your T-zone, including the brow region and nose, will be oilier. Likewise, there may be larger areas on the body that are drier than others. Treat each area independently, adjusting for the combination of different skin types.

Skin Type 4 - Sensitive Skin:

Sensitive skin is very reactive to many products used on the body and face. If you sunburn easily or your face is prone to redness, bumps and acne, take extra care when using skincare products. It's a good idea to see a dermatologist or skin-care professional for specific questions about your skin. Products specified for sensitive skin types are formulated to be very gentle and delicate, but use caution to avoid reactions.

After you've distinguished your skin type, it's time to learn the proper skincare regiment, which can easily be divided into four equally important steps.

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