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Saturday April 29th 2017

Brain Boosters

Brain Boosters

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Our brain is our most important asset. Its higher cognitive abilities allow us to rapidly adapt to new situations, environments and dangers. It is the most complicated biological structure known and sometimes the most difficult to define. Because it is so multidimensional, there are many things to consider when assessing its health - things such as retention and retrieval, tenacity, perception, motor skills, comprehension, processing and natural ability. Nevertheless, keeping your brain at its sharpest is as simple as making a few easy lifestyle changes; maintaining good mental and physical health will allow you to function at your highest capacity and should keep you sharp well into your old age.

Eat the Right Food

The body of health-related research is growing larger every day; the consumer market it propels is as fickle as it is profitable. Fueling the brain for the long haul is the most important when considering your diet. Brain chemistry is delicate; consuming a diverse array of whole foods with as few additives as possible is the simplest and easiest way to maintain proper brain function. You should be eating smaller nutrient rich meals more frequently. In addition to a nutrient-rich diet, Omega-3 fatty acids are shown to be an important factor in the brain's construction of cell walls and are valuable in treating psychiatric disorders such as depression. The key is a balanced diet of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Exercise Your Body

Maintaining a healthy body plays a role in your brain's health as well. Exercise improves memory, concentration, abstract reasoning and more. Exercise stimulates the brain to grow new neurons in the Hippocampus, an area directly responsible for memory. Research has even shown that overweight individuals who do not exercise regularly are more likely to suffer depressions related to brain imbalances. Exercise strengthens and improves the cardiovascular system's ability to supply the brain with oxygen-rich blood. Learning new sports and/or movements outside of your typical daily routine is also extremely important for your brain. Dancing can be a very good exercise for the brain, because discovering new and different movements excites your brain in ways that mental exercise alone cannot.

Stay Hydrated

Brain tissue is 85% water and your brain requires more water than any other organ in your body. Drinking enough water over your lifetime prevents toxins from interfering with your brain's fragile neurochemical balance. If these toxins significantly alter a single chemical reaction, the resulting ripple effect is felt throughout the entire brain leading to brain diseases and imbalances of all kinds including clinical depression.

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