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Saturday April 29th 2017

Breast Cancer in Men

Breast Cancer in Men

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Just like women, men can also develop breast cancer. Although the term ďbreastĒ is predominately linked to a female sexuality, men also have breast tissue. It is this tissue that the cancer can develop within. The main difference is that the amount of breast tissue in men is very small relative to the large amount of breast tissue found in women. This difference is evidently portrayed by the developed breast figures in women that many men find attractive. However, it is the small amount of this breast tissue in men that also provides an attraction for breast cancer to develop.


For this reason, less than 1% of all breast cancers in Canada occur in men. Although breast cancer is commonly diagnosed in men between the age of 60 to 70, it can be found in men of all ages. Even though breast cancer is much more likely to develop in women than men, this condition presents the same in terms of its progressiveness in either men or women.


There is no difference between the risk factors, diagnosis, staging, and treatment of breast cancer in men and women. However, breast cancer is easier to detect in its early stage in men. Why? It is because of the small amount of breast tissue in men.


One sign of breast cancer is a small, but painless lump in the breast. When observing a manís breast, the lump is much easier to detect by the naked eye because there is much less breast tissue that can mask the lump.


Futhermore, irregularities in the breast tissue can be more easily felt by men and their health care professionals relative to that in women. This problem presents for women, since their larger amount of breast tissue can hide early signs of breast cancer. In addition to these changes in the breast tissue, a small discharge from the nipple is also a sign of breast cancer. Therefore, it is important to know your chest, whether you are a man or women so that you are more likely to notice these changes. It is important that if your breasts look different, see your doctor to properly diagnose the problem. With this in mind, it is critical to note that not all breast problems are breast cancer.

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