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Saturday April 29th 2017

How to Improve Your Sexual Health?

What works and what is worthless when it comes to your sexual health? It is completely practical to enhance your sex life through diet, lifestyle changes or supplements, but tread carefully as there is a lot of junk treatment out there too -- enough to get lost in. Read more >>

5 Food Favourites That Secretly Kill You!

, most of us are aware that some of our food favourites are unhealthy and shouldn’t be excessively indulged in, but remain unaware that these common favourites go well beyond having simply too much salt or fat in them. Read more >>

Do You Want to Live Forever?

Advancements in modern medicine, bio-engineering and science may mean 1,000 year lifespans reached within the next century. Here are some modern breakthroughs that are helping get us all closer to immortality: Read more >>

What You Should Know: Testicular Cancer

There are over 8,000 new diagnoses of Testicular Cancer made in the United States alone each year and approximately 1 in every 270 men will get it at some point in their lives. So it is key to be aware of all the signs and symptoms. Read more >>

The Myth of the Super Fruit: Fact + Fiction

There has been a prominent increase in marketing buzz and consumer interest around so-called 'super fruits.' However, the myths of these fruits have become farther spread than the actual facts and little scientific evidence exists to support all the super claims. Read more >>

10 Methods for Removing Unwanted Body Hair

Once seen as a typically female effort, it has slowly made its way to becoming a socially acceptable male effort too. Still, however, not all methods are for everyone, every skin type or even every body part. Read more >>

Understanding Skin and Skin Care

The body's largest organ, our skin, shields us from harmful elements but getting into the routine of proper skin care doesn't seem to be as valued by many men. Yet, doing so will help keep you looking healthy, youthful and will prevent many skin diseases including skin cancer. Read more >>

7 Things You Need to Know About Depression

It's vitally important for men to educate themselves about depression so that they can recognize its symptoms and be prepared to seek help if necessary. Read more >>

Do You Have a Napoleon Complex?

Named after the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte who was said to have compensated for his height by seeking war, power and conquest, the Napoleon Complex is perhaps the most persistently referenced inferiority complex attributed to short, pushy men. Read more >>

7 Suggestions for Post-Diagnosis Waiting

If you've recently been diagnosed with a serious illness, the days and weeks following can be torturous. Here are 7 productive things that you can do to be prepared for what lies ahead. Read more >>

5 Heart Disease Misconceptions

For both males and females, heart disease is the # 1 killer. It kills more people than all forms of tumors combined. Yet, despite the prevalence of this deadly killer, many myths and misconceptions still exist. Here are the 5 most common myths debunked.Read more >>

Relax! It's Important

The mental, physical and financial benefits of indulging in a little "me time" every now and again are vast. Focusing on yourself is not about shutting out the world, it's about getting back in tune with it. Read more >>

Cholesterol Issues

There are many issues and complications that contribute to high cholesterol. A person's poor diet in addition to a sedentary lifestyle is a major factor, but even factors such as type of occupation should be taken into account. Read more >>

Your Skin may be at Risk: Actinic Keratosis

As the warmer weather starts to arrive, your risk for developing Actinic Keratosis (AK), a serious skin condition that can lead to non-melanoma skin cancer, increases greatly. Here is what you need to know to protect yourself. Read more >>

Guide to Stretching

If you just take the time to do a few simple stretches on a consistent basis you can increase your flexibility, your lifespan and help prevent injuries that occur from simple daily activities. Read more >>

Brain Boosters

Keeping your brain at its sharpest is as simple as making a few easy lifestyle changes; maintaining good mental and physical health lets you function at your highest capacity and should keep you sharp well into your old age. Read more >>

Effective Substance Abuse Intervention

Drug interventions are “tough love” attempts to inform others that their addictions. They can or will suffer serious consequences (if they have not already) if they don't receive proper help. Read more >>

Prostate Cancer At A Glance

With each passing year, the risk of cancer increases and the longer the wait, the higher the stakes. Because the overwhelming belief is that it cannot happen to ‘me,’ most men fail to get routine check-ups and become victims of their own denial. Read more >>

Quit Smoking

Quitting is immensely difficult and it often takes a combination of many strategies to successfully quit. If you do relapse, do not fret. We have listed the most effective and proven strategies to help you put that ‘butt’ out for good. Read more >>

How To Stress Less

Stress is important to combat because letting bad emotions get the best of you can harm your health, your psyche and even your sex drive. Use these tips to relax, unwind and you will be back to normal in no time. Read more >>

Cell Phone Cancer Conundrum

There's a ton of suggestive evidence that cell phones may cause cancer, but the official word is still out. In the mean time, there's a lot you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a potential statistic. Read more >>

All You Need To Know: Antioxidants

Fruits and Vegetables are loaded with antioxidants. Do you even know what antioxidants are? Here is what you need to know and why.


Breast Cancer in Men

Just like women, men can also develop breast cancer. Although the numbers are much lower, it doesn't hurt to learn more about this topic.


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