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Saturday April 29th 2017

Burst Training: 2X Results in 1/2 the Time

Burst Training: 2X Results in 1/2 the Time

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Are you tired of your monotonous cardio routine? Not achieving the fitness results you once were?  Or do you simply put off working out entirely due to lack of time?  Burst training could be just what you need.

What is burst training?

Burst training is a variation of circuit training that combines high-intensity, short-duration exercises followed by brief recovery periods.  A typical workout would generally include 30-60 second intervals of high intensity movements (depending on the specific move being done or equipment being used) leading up to the recovery period.  These intervals are then repeated and movements may change based on your individual goals and specific needs.  Overall, an effective burst training workout can be completed in less than 30 minutes!   


High-intensity intervals, such as those used in burst training have been proven to stimulate a hormonal response, as in the growth hormone and testosterone, which are both powerful fat burning hormones.  Researchers have found that burst training actually burns more fat cells in comparison to endurance training (despite the fact that longer, endurance style workouts result in a higher caloric loss overall).  Endurance training may provide the calorie burn you are aiming for, but burst training will create the right hormonal responses for real fat loss and lean muscle development.

Intermittent (burst/interval) exercise has also been linked to improving and sustaining blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels and general health of the heart.  Similar to any physical exercise, burst training is also an effective means for reducing stress and stimulating a positive state of mind.

Furthermore, burst training shares many of the same benefits as any other physical activity (when performed consistently), but the time frame needed to effectively train in this manner is arguably the most appealing aspect.  In this day and age, “free” time can be hard to come by, so when we are provided a method of achieving the same results, or in some cases even better results, in a lesser amount of time, why wouldn’t we?  Simply put, burst training is a time efficient strategy that will improve skeletal muscle and exercise performance.

Lastly, burst training does not over stress the body as sometimes seen with overtraining or exercising excessively.  Long duration exercise is not natural for the human body.  The human body burns fat for energy or “fuel” and as a result, it will make and store more fat for the next endurance workout.  Burst training teaches your body to recover quickly and build lean muscle tissue in preparation for its next intense workout.

Who can benefit?

The well-known fact of the matter is that anyone can benefit from regular physical activity, but burst training can have specific benefits for different circumstances.  For instance, high intensity workouts or interval training has been shown to improve enzymes which are essential in the prevention of Type 2 diabetes.  

In light of the growing levels of obesity, burst training can be viewed as even more appealing to those who are not as fit, or entirely unfit, since the short spurts of interval-based movements encourages the idea that you do not have to work very long before recovery/rest is granted. Although burst training requires that you must push yourself to your maximum potential during the short intensity period, it psychologically seems more bearable than the thought of attempting to run consistently for 30 minutes.

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