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Saturday April 29th 2017

5 Post-Workout Sandwich Ideas

5 Post-Workout Sandwich Ideas

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After a hard session at the gym you have likely worked up quite an appetite. When you are working out, the most important meal you eat, for building muscle and replenishing energy, is the one you have after you exercise. For approximately one hour after your workout, your muscles are starved for nutrients and what you eat during this hour is going to affect the results you get. It's unlikely that you want to just toss all that hard work you did away so you are going to need to avoid fats. Fats, in general, slow down digestion and, hence, slow down the digestion of important protein and carbohydrates. That is the opposite of what you want. Here are some great healthy sandwich ideas, from experts, that will keep you on track and achieving your workout goals.

Tuna Salad:

Weight and Wellness Clinic Director, Julie Douglis, suggests a black olive infested Tuna Salad sandwich with a hint of low/fat free mayo, spread on either whole wheat or multi-grain bread. Add pickle to garnish. "The tuna and olives provide protein. The olive's are for the good fats for your heart and brain, the pickle is for sodium and whole bread provides low glycemic level carbohydrate."

Smoked Turkey & chip dip:

Former executive chef & caterer John Wilder suggests smoked turkey resting on toast (whole wheat or multi-grain). Substitute mayonnaise with chip dip for fewer calories. "Mayonnaise has 200 calories, whereas chip dip only contains 20."

Roast Beef & Cheese:

For beefy cravings, John Wilder also suggests, adding a thinly sliced roast beef spread paired with some spicy mustard, a generous slice of tomato, thinly sliced onion and completed with Havarti cheese

Chicken (or Black bean) Wrap:

Nutritionist and registered dietician, Elizabeth Somer suggests two ounces of chicken breasts (or black beans as a vegetarian option), paired with lettuce, tomatoes, sauced over with salsa bundled into a soft toasty whole-wheat tortilla. Finally this is all topped off with a tall glass of water and/or diluted orange juice." This light after-workout snack is about 250 calories "to restock glycogen stores, assuming the workout had some aerobic components to it."

Mediterranean Wrap:

R.D Jennifer Haas' suggests a Mediterranean Hummus wrap. Take whole wheat tortilla, add hummus (the creamier the better), crumbled lettuce and sliced tomatoes which should then be topped off with feta cheese and black olives. Add a carton of fat-free vanilla yogurt and berries to garnish.




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