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Saturday April 29th 2017

10 Commandments for a Fall Fitness Routine

10 Commandments for a Fall Fitness Routine

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For most men, fall is the time of year when health and fitness seem to fall to the bottom of the priority list. It's getting colder outside, holiday season is around the corner, and let's face it... many of us are busy watching football. Here are 10 Commandments for a Fall Fitness Routine to ensure you won't lose the body and definition that you have worked so hard for all summer.

1. Stay active throughout the day

When you're too busy to make it to the gym or go for a nice jog outside, do things throughout the day to help make up for it.

2. Do circuit training

Another way to fit exercise into a busy schedule is to try circuit training. It's great for keeping your heart rate up and optimizing your time.

3. Mix up your routine

Variety is the spice of life. Change up your exercises, sets, reps and weight.

4. Hydrate

Although it's getting colder outside, and you might not sweat as much, you must continue to hydrate. Harley suggests re-hydrating with calorie- or sugar-free beverages or sparkling water with a wedge of lime.

5. Listen to music

Music makes a difference during your workout (especially when the weather starts getting a bit gloomier). Make a playlist that motivates you and keep it fresh.

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