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Saturday April 29th 2017

Morning Cardio

Morning Cardio

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There are some things every man should wake up to in the morning: a beautiful lady, breakfast in bed and his favorite newspaper waiting for him. But since that is not a reality for most of us, fit men should at least be waking up to a proper morning cardio routine. Itís understandable that some men don't consider a brisk, morning jog very desirable, but a man should start his day as he wants the rest of it to go. Every muscle, every sense and every thought should be vying for 100%.   The fact is that performing a cardiovascular workout first thing in the morning sets you up to tackle the day ahead.  

Accept It

Performing a morning cardiovascular activity (i.e. running, cycling, rowing) will wake you up more than a turbo-jetted shower. Endorphins released into your body give you a natural Ďhighí that will make you feel positively euphoric. Your stress levels will be reduced, your mood will improve and blood circulation will increase throughout your body. All in all, youíll be ready to kick start your day before youíve even touched your breakfast.

Most men arenít morning people and hitting the tarmac after only a few minutes of waking up is not a very pleasant thought.  No matter what distance you run or how hard you push yourself, starting the morning with a 'high intensity' cardio workout will always be the hardest hurdle to jump. Thereís no simple answer to getting started.  Morning cardio is just something that you are going to have to learn to incorporate into your lifestyle.  The good news is that just like with anything new, once you get into the routine, it will become second nature

Finding the Motivation

Why do you work out in the first place? Is it to lose weight, keep fit, or to just start your day off right? If you want results, you are going to have to work for them. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. Youíll be proud in knowing that while others may still be asleep or slowly moping around their homes with a coffee in one hand and outdated ties in the other, you have already burned some body fat, helped your heart and taken steps towards improving digestion, endurance, blood circulation, immune functioning and overall mental health -- reducing stress, increasing mental focus and improving self-esteem.


Cardio in the morning is better than cardio performed at any other time of day because morning cardio keeps your metabolism elevated for hours after the session is over.  When your metabolism is high, youíll burn more calories. Itís that simple. Even a few hours later while sitting at your desk twiddling your thumbs, your body is continuing to burn calories at an elevated rate because of your early cardio session.

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