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Saturday April 29th 2017

Ski Yourself To Victory

Ski Yourself To Victory

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Skiing holidays are becoming more popular for winter getaways. Prices for all-inclusive European ski packages have been dramatically reduced in recent years, and more slopes are constantly being discovered. However, with all the excitement itís quite easy to forget that skiing is actually a sport rather than a stroll in the park. Balance, coordination, anticipation and strength are just some of the elements associated with the sport. If you want to be more of a snow king than a snow ball then preparation for a skiing getaway is essential!

Weíre not talking extreme boot camp circuits or 100kg deadlifts here, weíre talking pure core and balance training that will improve your flexibility and confidence. Even if a ski trip isnít on the cards for you just yet, these training exercises can help you level up on whatever sports you play. Expect to work muscles that you may not have felt before and a suppleness in your joints that will aid you in any exercise you do.


The key to improving balance and coordination in your body is to give it more to think about at one time. Keeping your body guessing is only half the job; your brain will have to work equally hard to know when to shift your weight and the exact rate to do it in. Getting your body in check and your mind ticking along in unison will enable you to process thoughts and actions faster on the slopes. Youíll spend more time skiing in between those trees rather than going through them. The exercises that will prepare you for your skiing adventure will focus on, and work more than one body part at a time. You won't find sit-ups or lunges here. Instead weíll look at more advanced, less familiar, exercises that will give you quick results and oodles of benefits to aid your performance when you hit the slopes.  

A strong and flexible core is the foundation of your skiing performance. Improving your core will make balance and turning significantly easier.  Youíll also improve your posture, helping you work with the snow instead of against it. Good flexibility will provide you with huge benefits. If you tend to skip the stretching element of your workout, now is the time to bring it back into play.  Simple arm and leg stretches should be preformed before and at the end of any workout; without a doubt before you put your skiís on.  Injury is the last thing you want to end your trip. Stretching should never be ignored. Strength in skiing is by no means essential but will only aid you if youíve got it but adding stacks of weight to your workout is not the way. Instead of lifting big with low repetitions, weíll be looking at building strength primarily by using our own body weight and keeping the repetitions at mid level where applicable. Thereís no better time to get yourself leveled up and ahead of the game than right now!  Prepare yourself well, and your ski trip will take you to new heights (literally).

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