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Tuesday February 28th 2017

Improve Your Pull-Up Performance

One of the most invaluable body weight exercises in your arsenal is the pull-up. There are 3 different key ways to improve your pull-up performance; however, choosing which method is best for you should be based on your current fitness level and your goals. Read more >>

Bulking Up: 9 Essential Tips for Mass

Big results donít come easy. You will need dedication and discipline to push your body to its very limits. Here are a few time-tested core strategies that bodybuilders have used for decades to ensure you too will be packing on muscle. Read more >>

Manning Up: The Military Workout

Military-style workouts are one of the most rewarding regimes you can put your body through. They differ to traditional gym workouts by working the whole body rather than focusing on core muscle groups and relaxing others. Read more >>

Burst Training: 2X Results in 1/2 the Time

Are you tired of your monotonous cardio routine? Not achieving the fitness results you once were? Or do you simply put off working out entirely due to lack of time? Burst training could be just what you need. Read more >>

What is Static Strength Training?

Static strength training (otherwise known as isometric training) is one of the best training regimens for strength gains. Unless you have a health complication, there is no reason why it shouldn't be incorporated into your training regime. Read more >>

The 10 Most Common Weightlifting Mistakes

Weightlifting, when done right, helps maintain and improve strength, muscle tone, body movement capabilities and metabolism. When done right, that is. Here are some common weightlifting mistakes made all too often by men. Read more >>

How to Become Motivated & Physically Ac...

Physical inactivity doesn't just affect your long term health; it directly affects your immediate quality of life, mental functioning and even sexual well-being. These points will help you keep motivated and physically active. Read more >>

The THOR Transformation

Thor has leaped onto the big screen for the new live action film. Duffy Gaver, fitness trainer for the film, has helped us lay out what you can learn from Chris' process to transform your own body into one worthy enough for the gods. Read more >>

How to Fail at Working Out

There are plenty of men who consistently find new and innovative ways to fail at working out. They show up, seemingly go through the motions and yet accomplish nothing. Here are some of the most common methods that men have used to self-sabotage their own routines. Read more >>

Preventing Lower Back Injuries

The occurrence of lower back injury is alarmingly quite high, affecting approximately 60-80% of the adult population. However, with the right preventative measures the risk of developing a lower back injury decreases substantially. Read more >>

Avoiding Unhealthy Holidays

Around the holidays, it seems, far too many people give into unhealthy excess. Keeping fit over the holiday season isn't exactly rocket science and the holidays never really change. Here are 10 easy tips to help you stay trim and healthy over the holidays. Read more >>

10 Commandments for a Fall Fitness Routine

Fall is the time of year when health and fitness seem to fall to the bottom of the priority list. Here are 10 Commandments for a fall fitness routine so you won't lose the body and definition that you have worked so hard for. Read more >>

5 Post-Workout Sandwich Ideas

After a hard session at the gym you have likely worked up quite an appetite. Here are some great healthy sandwich ideas, from experts, that will keep you on track and achieving your workout goals. Read more >>

Climb Your Way to Fitness

The feelings of satisfaction from a successful climb will surpass your typical humdrum workout. But, before you can master the crags, you will need to prepare yourself to do so with the right exercises and equipment. Read more >>

Get the Best From Your Chest

Chest is one of the most important muscle groups to get into proportion. Whether your want size, tone or both, you'll get the best results by mixing up the exercises you perform each week. Read more >>

Building Your Legs

Whether youíre looking for muscle gain, increased energy or just a better look, building your legs is the key to staying well-proportioned and achieving a well-defined overall look. We have compiled the best tips for developing a stronger, well-defined lower body. Read more >>

Morning Cardio

Every man should wake up to a beautiful lady, breakfast in bed, his favorite newspaper and his morning cardio routine. The fact is that performing a cardiovascular workout first thing in the morning sets you up to conquer the day. Read more >>

Ski Yourself To Victory

Core and balance training are essential to ski training. It will improve your flexibility, confidence and, even if a ski trip isnít on the cards for you just yet, these training exercises will help you level up on whatever sports you play. Read more >>

Build Your Back

Your back is the largest muscle group in your body and the most likely to be forgotten. But, it is important that your back stands out and screams power and masculinity. Read more >>

Rock Your Triceps

Triceps can be one of the sexiest and most rewarding muscle groups we own. Our triceps are a key muscle group in our weekly workouts, so learn to build them better. Read more >>

The Workout Basics

Working out is good for your health, it's good for your image and it's good for your confidence. But there are some basics that you should know if you want to get the most out of your workout. Read more >>

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