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Friday April 28th 2017

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Online Advertising


Online Advertising is more measurable, accountable and usually less expensive than traditional channels. It allows for better, more granular targeting than other forms of media. This helps to alleviate media waste and save valuable marketing dollars. Because online

advertising is interactive it creates greater engagement with prospects and customers and hence advertisers tend to see a larger return on their investment while simultaneously allowing marketers to reach consumers throughout the entire buying cycle.


Because online advertising can easily implement behavioural targeting, you are better able to successfully reach your intended audience. Behavioural Targeting geared toward autos researchers allowed an auto manufacturer to see a 42% lift in CTR, and a travel company saw a 61% increase in CTR.


Advertising online shows an average of 27% lift for online sales of that advertised brand. But brand equity cannot be achieved by a one-time campaign because awareness levels fall too quickly Ė Reinforcement is needed to build the brand association. 95% of users driven to location leave without converting. Online brands are provided with opportunities to be a part of consumer conversations through social media and Re-Messaging gives you the opportunity to continue a discussion with users already engaged with your brand. Leverage Re-Messaging and Behavioral Targeting to drive those purchasers forward and convert customers based on previous engagement.


"The findings of a study by a consortium of consumer packaged goods companies [including Nestle's Coffeemate and Kraft's Jell-O] show that online advertising spurred lifts in sales ranging from 7 percent to 12.5 percent, demonstrating the extent to which an increase in the level of online media impacts offline sales." - Tobi Elkin, MediaPost. March 26, 2004


Don't Cut Online Advertising During Economic Hard Times


During challenging times, Internet users spend significantly more time online looking for a special deal rather then going to a store to check the same deals. Companies that continue to be aggressive during economic downturns outperform non-spenders after the recovery.


In studies, it was shown that companies that continued to spend during recessions experience revenue growth of 275% during the first full year of recovery, whereas companies that cut back only experienced 19%. (McGraw-Hill Study). In fact, an analysis of the 1990 - 91 recession showed that firms maintaining strong marketing efforts take business away from less aggressive competitors and position themselves for growth once recovery occurs. (Penton Research Service, (Coopers & Lybrand)


"All great enterprises move forward in a recession, and the weaklings move backwards. The dumbbells cut back on advertising. The smart people don't." -Ed McCabe



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